The lights are dimmed as little Mieke snuggles into bed, drawing Lion near. Her father lets out an unplanned huff as he sits; the latest tell-tale sign of age. He lifts out the book from its special sitting place and turns to no page in particular, “Now, what shall we learn about tonight?”

Return to Caldera is a series of short stories and vignettes set in the world of Caldera, an original (but often recognisable) setting. These pieces are being collected for the writer’s young daughter, but you’re welcome to read them as well; Caldera is a wide and diverse world and there maybe something there that you enjoy. Use the menu above to find a list of current entries, and feel free to let me know if you read something you like.

Please check the ratings of each story (and the explanation in the menu above), as there are tales here aimed at all age groups.

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