A small kingdom on the north-eastern coast of Arbor. Its most remarkable feature is the constant rain that seems to fall there, which is the origin of the unoffical name of the region: Land of the Grey Veil. The rain does support the agricultural machinations of the kingdom however, with such goods being their biggest exports.

The capital of Pathas.  Uneven cobble-stone streets, kept slick in the rain, meander between tall, imposing buildings. The entire city is constructed from heavy, dark stone imported from many kilometers inland.


Most anyone from Sojern, a large kingdom on the central east coast, will tell you that Sojern is the defacto capital of all Arbor. It’s true they’re a cultural hub, have a generally high standard of living for citizens in urban centres, and can boast a formidable army. However, many from outside of the kingdom will tell you that they’re arrogant and overbearing or, worse according to many, just a front for the Pallasian elves to rule from afar. Of all the human kingdoms they certainly have the closest ties with their former rulers.

Capital of Sojern and a major trading city on the mid-east coast of Arbor.

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