Remembering Rosalina

Danté winces as a twig snaps beneath his foot; he stops moving and listens. Nothing. Just the wind in the trees. This part of the forest is bright; most of the trees being young and therefore unable to create the shadowed canopy found further in. He peers carefully around before beginning once again – this... Continue Reading →

The great adventure

Samren had never wanted to be a father. His grandmother made the mistake of filling his head with stories of far off places, exotic peoples and sights so beautiful they stop your heart. That was the destiny Samren had chosen for himself. Travel. Adventure. He'd made it as far as the next village. At seventeen... Continue Reading →


Artenu, or Art to his squad-mates, had signed up for The Grand Army of The Impending Dawn, not because he believed in 'A unified human nation on Arbor', but because doing so would finally get him out of that backwater village he grew up in. Sure, the drills were a pain and food wasn't great,... Continue Reading →

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