The End Times

Amani crashes through the thicket, branches clawing at his skin. He almost trips on an exposed root, but rights himself before toppling over. His spear is almost caught between branches, but he wrenches it through and holds it close. He stops, closes his eyes, and focuses on listening - there is no point trying to... Continue Reading →

That Efrit bastard

The scent of perfume clashes with the stench of ale as Danté opens the door to the bordello’s bedroom. “Right this way madam.” Danté’s Efrit accent is a little slurred. His companion, a lithe human named Clara, smiles, “You was gonna show me more of them tricks, weren’cha.” “My dear, I will. But I need... Continue Reading →


Eliza twists in her bed in alarm at the sound of her door opening. She’s relieved to see Anna creeping in, closing the door gently behind her. With Eliza’s relief came a stabbing pain in her bandaged side, a reminder of the very recent moment when she was almost cut down by an orc. Anna... Continue Reading →

Stoking the fire

Despite the pouring rain that has been falling on the 'Grand City of Albany' all afternoon, Eliza Earnshaw has managed to stay relatively dry. Flitting between awnings and carriageways, and not too proud to rely on the kindness of a stranger's umbrella when offered. A single, plump raindrop manages to chance its way beneath Eliza’s... Continue Reading →


Amelie was leaning back in her chair, eyes fixed on the fellow human across from her. She was smiling confidently, her posture relaxed. All around them the tavern had come to a standstill. Faint music could be heard from the other such establishments nearby, but here, all was quiet. The man Amelie eyed, a thin... Continue Reading →

Mysha arrives on The Continent

Mysha had hoped that the smell of fish would weaken when she finally got off the boat; to her disappointment however, it seemed like she had tracked it to its source. The town of Pashni was small, as predicted, and dirty as her father had warned; but as Mysha wanders, eyes wide, from the ship... Continue Reading →

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