The creature under the dock

Sitting in the air like wine in water is the soft hum of a nearby festival; a world of desires where what you want is what you don’t have. Always. But not here. Here there is only the gentle rush of waves moving in and out of a forgotten pier. A steady, practiced rhythm like... Continue Reading →

Molly and Sarah

Molly lived on a farm with her mother, father and little brother. Molly liked the farm She liked chasing the cat; petting the dog; feeding the sheep; and brushing the horse. She even liked her little brother. But she had just one wish, “I wish I had someone my age to play with.” One afternoon... Continue Reading →

But it’s *current year*!

This post is outdated; the current year is closer to 476 - there was just too much to fit in such a small time frame. Post has been unaltered for posterity.  Finding the age of Caldera It's an interesting thing trying to create a world from scratch; there are just too many elements needed for... Continue Reading →

The great adventure

Samren had never wanted to be a father. His grandmother made the mistake of filling his head with stories of far off places, exotic peoples and sights so beautiful they stop your heart. That was the destiny Samren had chosen for himself. Travel. Adventure. He'd made it as far as the next village. At seventeen... Continue Reading →


Artenu, or Art to his squad-mates, had signed up for The Grand Army of The Impending Dawn, not because he believed in 'A unified human nation on Arbor', but because doing so would finally get him out of that backwater village he grew up in. Sure, the drills were a pain and food wasn't great,... Continue Reading →


Amelie was leaning back in her chair, eyes fixed on the fellow human across from her. She was smiling confidently, her posture relaxed. All around them the tavern had come to a standstill. Faint music could be heard from the other such establishments nearby, but here, all was quiet. The man Amelie eyed, a thin... Continue Reading →

Mysha arrives on The Continent

Mysha had hoped that the smell of fish would weaken when she finally got off the boat; to her disappointment however, it seemed like she had tracked it to its source. The town of Pashni was small, as predicted, and dirty as her father had warned; but as Mysha wanders, eyes wide, from the ship... Continue Reading →

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