Molly and Sarah

Molly lived on a farm with her mother, father and little brother. Molly liked the farm She liked chasing the cat; petting the dog; feeding the sheep; and brushing the horse. She even liked her little brother. But she had just one wish, “I wish I had someone my age to play with.”

One afternoon after the cat had been chased, the dog had been patted, the sheep had been fed and the horse had been brushed, Molly was down by the lake making sure she didn’t fall in. When she looked into the water she noticed something strange – her reflection didn’t look like her at all. In a moment she realised that she wasn’t looking at her reflection, but a young sea elf! Molly was so startled she fell backward and the sea elf got out of the water to see if she was ok.
“I’m fine.” Molly said. “I’ve just never seen a sea elf before.”
The sea elf laughed, “Well, I’ve never seen a human before! I’m Sarah.” She said.

Molly and Sarah talked for an hour, and Sarah asked a lot of questions about Molly’s farm.
“Did you want to see it?” Molly asked.
“Yes please!” Sarah replied. So Molly showed Sarah the way to the farm.

The first thing they did when they got there was chase the cat, “He’s so fast!” said Sarah.

Then Molly showed Sarah how her dog likes to be patted, “She’s so furry!”

Afterwards, Molly and Sarah fed the sheep, “There are so many of them!”

Finally, they brushed the horse until its coat shone.

After that it was time for Sarah to go home. Molly walked with her down to the lake.
“Next time you’ll have to come and visit my house.” Sarah offered. Molly said that she’d like that very much. Molly waved Sarah goodbye as the sea elf slipped beneath the waters of the lake. As Molly walked home she thought about how lucky she was to have someone her own age to play with.

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