Notable locations

All of the information contained in these pages is true from the perspective of Aborian humans.

The newest named realm of man. Founded by Pallasian elves and their human mercenaries and slaves shipped in from Kosh; the former have all but abandoned the continent, leaving the humans to govern themselves. It’s made up of many smaller kingdoms.

A land of jungle, volcano and giant lizards. The few kingdoms here are ruled by the Gorgon Queens, but the jungles mostly see to themselves.

Ancient undersea home of the Elves. One of the few races to seek expansion during the age of the Gods. All land elves are descended from their colonial ambitions.

A dry region of mesas and desert. Not a lot happens on the surface here, but the underground is teeming with Kriss.

A land of mountainous jungles and rainforest. Adopted homeland of the D’varti.

A land of sweeping savanah, bushland and dry steppes. This is the ancestral home of humanity.Kingdoms here are well-established and flourishing.

A desert region home to numerous cultural groups, mostly human and efrit, with some small Cha’tar communities hidden in the dunes . The few major cities are bustling metropolis’ build on the labor of the Cha’tar.

A series of islands ruled over by a triarchy of land Elven lords. Culture and architecture is very Graeco-Roman. The original inhabitants of this region have been driven into the mountains. Human slaves here are slowly being replaced by Cha’tar. At least one elven city, Andor, is situated in this wilderness, and the elves there don’t see themselves as a part of the Pallasian civilization.

Until recently, a very isolated island chain. This region is entirely populated by the Yansk and Chev. Pastoral countryside for the most part, the heavily populated cities are akin to early Renaissance cities. Barbarian tribes, normally Chevs, inhabit the northern tundra.

Technically the name given by the humans of Arbor to any unsettled place, but in particular the vast untamed forests south of their kingdoms.

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