Molly, Sarah and the lost lamb

Molly lived on a farm with her mother, father and little brother. She liked living on the farm, and particularly liked looking after the animals. One day, her little brother was trying to reach a toy on the shelf, with Molly reading nearby. Molly could see him struggling, but didn’t want to get up to help because she was so comfortable.
Then she heard her mother’s voice outside “One of the lamb’s is missing!” she said. The whole family immediately went down to the paddock to search for the lost lamb. Molly’s father found a hole in the fence that the lamb could have wriggled through. He got to work repairing it while Molly and her mother walked the property, calling out for the lost lamb.

Molly’s search took her to the lake where she called out as loudly as she could, “Lambeey! Lambeeey!”
“Molly, what’s wrong?” Someone had called back, but it wasn’t the lamb, it was Sarah. Molly explained that the lamb was missing and her whole family was out looking for it. Sarah was happy to help and they immediately set off together to continue the search.

The pair went past the horse paddock, but there was no lamb there.

They checked in the pig sty. No lamb either.

And the chickens weren’t hiding the lamb away.

Molly was starting to get really worried, but Sarah tried to make her feel better, “Don’t worry Molly, we’ll find her. We just have to keep looking.” Sarah was a good friend.

It was then that Molly heard it – a faint, little ‘baa’. She heard it again, ‘baaaaaa!’ Molly raced to the sound; past the chickens, through the pig sty and over the horse paddock to the dam. There, standing on an island in the middle of the dam, bleated the lamb. It must have fallen in and swam to the island! Now it couldn’t get back.

Molly didn’t want to go into the water without an adult around, but Sarah said that she could help. She walked to the edge of the dam and touched it with her hand. It began to bubble and ripple, and then the water began to part. Soon there was a dry path to the island! Molly ran to the lamb who was so happy to see her it licked her face.

Soon after, Molly and Sarah watched the lamb happily play with its mother. Molly thanked Sarah for helping her find the lamb. “Friends help each other Molly.”

The next day, when Molly was reading and her brother was reaching for a toy that was too high on the shelf, Molly walked over and got it for him. He smiled and hugged her. “That’s what friends do.” She said.

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